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My Technology at Hand Site is now Mobile Ready

Since I believe that in the near future there will be a great number of mobile users that will be browsing the net through the mobile. Thanks to Andy Moore for his superb plug ins. Below is the Instruction on How to do it.

Installing or upgrading this plugin is easy as shown on his site 

  1. Backup your WordPress files and database – not required but good practice
  2. Download the plugin and extract the PHP file from the zip
  3. Upload to your wp-content/plugins folder
  4. Activate the plugin. Goto Plugins > Click Activate
  5. Customize your site. Goto Options > WordPress Mobile
  6. Visit your site using your phoneâ€s browser or an emulator

After doing this instruction I have checked my site thru and found the following result. Which tells that my site is now ready for mobile users.

Below are some reason why I have chosen to install this plug in, And since most of the time I am Traveling.

I have tested my site in my I-mate PDAL and it works fine. And so I just  have to wait until Adsense mobile will be fully functional. So does your blog mobile ready?

By the way I got the idea from Abe.

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