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PayPal Philippines can now be used To Send and Received Funds

At long last, PayPal Philippines can now received and send via PayPal. This is confirmed at yugatech’s blog in which he showed that he was able to transfer money to his local paypal.

This is a very good information for all blogger and those who have an online business. Even there is a restriction in withdrawing the money. I believed that there are still ways to withdraw it , Say for example via xoom.

Below are some reactions and explanation you may want to consider before receiving payment thru Paypal has also something to say about the Paypal.

Mike Abundo has promised to post some site which receives only paypal

Abe Olandares explains that the Philippines is still not in the full paypal support since we have to used third party to be able to get the cash.

My suggestion will be like this :

If your transaction would agree to use as an interface, It would be better to use it. Since you just to pay one party in doing transactions. and if the transaction restrict to Paypal only, then you can now use your paypal account.

You just have to fix an amount before transferring it thru the use of a third party account. For Example you can only do it in xoom if it is above US $ 25. And remember that the higher the amount you will transfer the lower the percentage of payment you have to pay at the third party.

Updated : I would suggest you to open an Account in Philippine ABsed BAnks and enroll those account in Paypal Philippines. I am doing transaction to PayPal via Credit Card. Since I am based in Saudi Arabia although my account is based in Philippines.

If I where you I will enroll to paypal and start making money online. See Link Below in enrolling.

Well happy blogging.

Update :  Since PayPal Philippines is now functioning well you can enroll to their system by pressing here { Paypal Enrollment } so that you can now transact online.  I have other post regarding Paypal Philippines in This blog. So If you have any question regarding Paypal Enrollment please let me know thru my contact page or comment in this post.

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