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What Should be the Right Attitude of A New Blogger ?

What Should be the Right Attitude of A New BloggerI would like to share you my ideas on how to earn from blogging, Below are some questions that I met for the last 5 years of blogging and let this be the basis of my discussion.

Bloggers Common Query/Question.

Would be Blogger 1 : Wow I have heard that you earn from blogging, Could help me make money online ?

Would be Blogger 2 : Wow, I have been informed that Blogging could give me more income, Can you help me understand blogging and make money online ?

Would be Blogger 3 : I like to write, I like to share ideas with others, I like to network and start building my online presence, could you help me how to do SEO and be seen in Google searches ?

From the three would be blogger questions above, whom do you think will succeed and make money online in the future?

On my opinion the would be blogger # 3, will succeed and be a good Pro Blogger and Internet Marketer in the future. Having “make money online” concept for new bloggers will definitely lead to frustration specially if new blogger would always check their online earning, only to find out that it is not increasing. Would be blogger # 1 , and # 2, became interested in blogging because of the amount that a blogger could earn. Please be informed that those bloggers that earns 4 digits of US$ monthly started from nothing. They just open network with other bloggers and online  marketers. They start building reputation until they meet that success, but of course those Guru also know how to make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in a proper way.

Would you believe that when I start blogging I don’t know that I could really earn from it. Check my AdSense Story, I first earn online through Google AdSense, but now I am earning from other sources also. I always treat my blog post as an investment because I know that someday, those blog  post could become my source of income. A TV interview at GMA 7 ( August 2007 )  open the ideas that bloggers have the potential of  earning. I may not reach $6,000 per month, but I love what I am doing. I earn friends and citations from different bloggers, which I believe is one of a great achievement of a blogger. Seeing new bloggers start earning and loving what they are doing is an achievement for me.

Your online network will definitely be the one who could teach some tips and techniques to earn more from online.

Start Blogging in a right direction, sleep well, so that fresh ideas could pop up in your mind. So any ideas that you might want to share with new bloggers that could find this post .

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