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SEO Friendly way of moving your old Blogspot Blog Post

Search Engine ranking is really important for all bloggers. I have itemized my suggestion on hot to move your Blogspot Blogs Content in WordPress Self Hosted considering the SEO.

Yesterday I told you that I moved post from my Blogspot blog into here. So here is my tip on how to move it in a SEO Friendly way. Step by Step to answer the question I posted yesterday

How I did I manage to do the moving ( or copying ) in an SEO friendly way ? Thinking that It will create a double content in the net. That is why you need to come back again since it will be posted the next day ?

So Let us start analyzing and study what we need to do.

Do you have a problem in importing Blogspot Post and comments to your Self Hosted Blog ?

If your answer is yes we have the same thing before. I have some problem in importing my files from Blogspot directly in here. So what I did is to open a account. Please be noted as follows :

  1. Be sure to put the setting of your newly acquired WordPress to a No Index site, so that the Search Engine will not crawl your site and see that there are duplicate content in the net.
  2. account can easily extract your blogspot post and comments into their system.
  3. Please be sure to removed any links that you make in blogspot feed footer before doing this. Since will use the feeds in doing the importation. ( I fail to this that is why I have to remove every single post the feed links 🙂 )
  4. Please be informed that the comment links in your commenter’s name will not be included in the import.

Ad there you are ready for some action.

Did you succeed in importing your files in WordPress ?

  1. If you succeed, You have to import the XML files of your newly acquired account to your local drive.
    • Manage >>> Import >>> Blogger
  2. Check Compatibility of your imported categories vs the existing categories of your self hosted Blog. Change it to the same categories you have on your present Self Hosted WordPress Blog. An Example if you are using ” Make Money ” as your label before in Blogspot and you are now using ” Problogging ” Category so just change it to “Problogging”
    • Manage >>> Categories
  3. Go to your blog and restrict the Search Engine in indexing your site.
    • Settings >>> Basic >>> Let search engines find your blog? >>> ” NO “
  4. If you are Enrolled in Google Webmaster tools go ahead to Item no. 7 if not in item No. 5.
  5. Enroll in Google Webmaster tools
  6. After enrollment verify your Blogspot site for Google Webmaster tools
  7. If your old is enrolled to Google Webmaster Central Tools you have to ask Google to remove your site in any search result. This is to prevent Google in thinking that there are duplicate content. Remember Duplicate content is not good for Search Engine. And of course your aim is to be in Google # 1 Searches ( SERP )
    • Dashboard >>> Tools >>> Remove URLs >>>( Press Entire Site )
    • Please be informed that it will totally wipe out your Blogspot blog in any search engine result. So if you think that It will affect your earning or site. Better stop from here and do not proceed. Delete you account where you import your files or else you have to work out your SEO again for your Blogspot blog.
  8. At this moment your Blogspot Site will not be searchable via Search Engine.
  9. Make an Author from your Self Hosted WordPress Blog that will show the author name of all your old post that you need to import
  10. Uploads your XML files that has been download via Step 1 and choose the Author that you have made via step 9
  11. Congratulation you have now uploaded your Old post.
  12. Then manually update you Sitemap so that it will read your newly uploaded post and Comments. Be sure that your New or Existing WordPress Blog has a Sitemap installed.

Hope this help you if you are planning to move from Blogspot to WordPress and you are afraid to do it,Thinking that you will remove your Blog Post juice. As of yesterday my site has been visited by our friendly Google spiders see pictures below.

And don’t forget to make internal links to your old post so that Google can easily indexed all of your old post. I just don’t know when they can indexed it all. That is why I am building an internal link within my blog. One way of telling the search Engine that I have more articles in my Archives.

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