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Shoemoney VS John Chow, Who will win ?

Two of the well known personalities in the blogsophere is into a challenge : Shoemoney VS Johnchow RSS competition.

Shoemoney’s action is just to inform the public regarding the challenge and did not give any rewards if He win’s or not while John Chow gave some reward and promised to give more if He will win.

Their reward is a link at their page pointing to the winner and telling the reader how they beat each other.

John Chow even asked his viewer to whoever will have a unique idea on helping him to increase RSS will be rewarded.

So who is your bet is it Shoemoney VS below are their RSS links.

JohnChow RSS

Shoemoney RSS

As of this writing John Chow gathered 502 Additional subscriber and 380 Subscriber for Shoe Money. I just hope I can compete with this guys :), So why don’t you subscribe also to my feeds 🙂 and let’s beat also this two guys..:D

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