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Thanks Alex For Your Review

It is always great when you see somebody makes review of your site. It gives you good idea on how to improve your blog. Well I would like to thank for reviewing my site.

He point out the following points :

  1. Sidebar
  2. Content
  3. Domain Name

And He thought I am a Saudi Arabian Citizen 🙂 , Nope I am not I am proud to say that I am Filipino Tech Blogger , Pinoy Problogger [ coz I earn from blogging also ] .

So if you want free review you can go to his site and ask for his review. And if you want to review my site, you are welcome to do so. BTW maybe some of you would like to sponsor my theme or template ? What is the benefit ? well a footer link from this PR4 site and a chance to be exposed to hundreds [ soon to be thousands ] of visitors per day and what about a review from me 🙂

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