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Thanks to Friendfeed for Increasing 100 more subscriber

Well after hearing the news thru Google Reader and Google Alert that Friendfeed is now being connected with feedburner I begin searching for information on how I could attain the increase in RRS Feed counts that others are having.

First What is Friendfeed?

To all of you who are not using the system it is a site where you can connect all your internet social profile at present they have 58 + social media site that could be connected to them. You can check my previous post regarding this matter.

How to connect Friendfeed to Google Feed Reader Count?

What I did is just to add my email address being used in feed burner to the list of email address in Friendfeed and I have added my RSS links fromm feed burner to the custom rrs field in the profile section and after a day it is already migrated to friendfeed.

So have you connected your friendfeed friends to feedburner ? Join me in FriendFeed [ ]

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