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How to Get A Proper Domain Name

What is a Domain Name ?

ow to get proper domain name

First of all I would like to explain the definition of Domain Name. Domain name is your address in the online community, it s your address in the World Wide Web. It is also commonly called URL { Uniform Resource Locator, previously Universal Resource Locator }, so when ever you see or any words after http:// that is what we called URL. It is the address that you need to give to your friends if you want to promote your website. So enough now for basic information about Domain Name.

Where Can I get a Domain Name ?

Domain name could be free or paid and they are available thru different site. I got my URL from a Philippine Webhosting Company but all other domain name  that i am using in some of my niche site came from Godaddy. You just have to pay for about $9.+ / Year to get your address in the World Wide Web. You can also get a Domain name for free like having it from or or , that is if you don’t want to invest for your domain name. But a friendly advice. invest a small amount for a year if you are determined to get something out of your blog or site.

As an additional tip, try to find Coupon Code before paying.

Tips in getting your Best and Proper Domain Name

So here are my suggestion in getting your Domain name :

  1. Be sure to have your keywords ready when getting your desired domain name.
  2. Avoid hyphen in having a domain name.
  3. The best domain name might come from .com, .net, .org { You cannot get .edu or .gov – since this is only given to government sites Just for information}
  4. The Domain name should be easily remembered, when I choose Tech at Hand Dot Net, what I have in my mind is having technology in our hand. That is why has been made. .com is not available on that time so I have to go to the other best option which is .net or .org. Having would also be great but my target audience is international.and is still costly.
  5. Use suffix or prefix if your chosen domain name is not available. ( ie.. if is not available and you really want to have a keywords of cute and dog in your URL you may go to , or , , and so on. So there are lots of possible ways to have your great Domain name.
  6. Don’t just get any domain name. Think about it and make it keyword rich and easy to remember.
  7. A two word combination of a Domain Name is the best if you can’t get one word domain name.
  8. Use your thesaurus or dictionary is searching for a domain name or keywords.
  9. Research for the highest keywords searches and use it as your domain name.
  10. Avoid associating your Domain name with dates.. so that you can again use that domain name the next season. So if you would like to get domain name related to election avoid having 2010 in your domain name so that you could still use it in barangay election, Senatorial election or any other election. or even election after 3 years.

I hope that this mini Suggestion tutorial will help you get a better Domain Name. Any comments or suggestion are welcome as usual.

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