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Suggested Ways to Increase Traffic to New Blogs

What are the suggested ways in Launching a Blog and getting other bloggers to notice the blog ?

Getting traffic to blog is always the aim of all bloggers. We all know that a blog without any visitors is a useless blog. It is not easy to gain traffic to any blog today, specially that there are lots of competition all over the web.

Marketing is must for all blogs,  one of my marketing strategy is by leaving my links to all the sites that I am visiting. I make sure that I will make related comments to the sites that I visit. It does not only increase my incoming links but also the possibility of being visited by the visitors of the site.

Another method is by joining a group blog. A group blog will definitely add-on your external links and that will make a good standing on your Technorati. As well as at Google Ranks.

Then after doing above mentioned tips, you could study about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and socialize with other bloggers through social media sites.

You should always aim for eternal, meaning your blog should not contain spam that would later kill your blog or let your reader dislike your blog.

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