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Suggested Effective Blogging Routine To Make More Money Online

image Rein Valdez suggested a topic to blog about and it is , What should be your Blogging Routine ? , well in my humble opinion there is no correct blogging routine since blogging routine depends on the person who is blogging, but I can share you my blogging routine.

First of all you should be able to know your niche , and you should be able to identify the blogs of your interest , as an example if your blog is technology you should be able to know the blogs that are giving the latest information among your niche such as a blog that gives first hand information in new mobile phones, Laptops , softwares etc.

Then the next thing to do is to subscribe to those blogs via RSS. After subscription all you have to do is visit your RSS reader every morning and check any updates. Just make a random check and read those subject that might interest you.

After you got the subject that you want. Go to their blog and read, and comment if possible. And share it with your readers by linking to them. But be sure to use trackbacks when linking in order for you to benefit from linking.Check my previous post on how I earn from linking to other Blog Post. I am a self proclaimed Problogger that is why I am teaching you how to earn.

Reading RSS reader might only take 30 to 45 minutes and commenting might only take 30 minutes.

When you make a post, be sure to close your Yahoo Messenger or Facebook, they might distract you from reading and make you out of focus. so better concentrate in making post so that it  might only take you to write in about 15 minutes.

Make your blog post consistent in your niche as mush possible. Make your own branding if possible.

If you are a type of News and Sports blogger better check my post about being ahead of the special events. and for sure you will earn from it. You should also analyze your blog traffic.

Be sure to be happy in what you are doing so that you will not find blogging as a boring hobby. Any suggestion about blogging routine.

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