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When Can Half of Filipinos Be Engaged to Online Community ?

I just saw a post from Blog Herald that half of the Americans is now engaging to online community and this leads me to a question How much Filipinos is now engaging to Online Community.?

The online survey was commissioned by Deloitte and conducted by Harrison Group, an independent research company, between October 25 and October 31, 2007. The survey polled 2,081 consumers between the ages of 13 and 75.

I know the fact that lots of Filipinos become interested in blogging after an interview with Filipino Probloggers in Philippines. But how far are we in terms of Blogging and being online? Thinking that there are lots of tools that has been invested already in Philippines.

When do you think we can attain those 50% Filipinos is now Blogging ? I think it is not an impossible scenario to happen. If and only if Filipinos will only focus in Online Marketing and not waste their time in surfing $candal. 🙂

I have heard at the news yesterday that 50% of Filipinos time is being used in surfing the net . I am not so sure with the figure but I have heard it is high.

I do believed that in future, Online Marketing will be one of the major source of dollars or EURO in Philippines someday.

Who will be the beneficiary ? Of course those who are doing it now. 🙂

It will be great if you could share some of your thoughts regarding this matter. Free to comment or even post an answers to this question 🙂

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