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I am honored to be part of the Featured Blogger of Pinoy Blogosphere. Thanks to Pinoy Blogosphere staff who made the selection. Well I know that half of my readers are Filipino and other half are coming from United States and Western Country. So let me introduce you the Pinoy Blogosphere for those who doesn’t know the site yet.

First Pinoy Blogosphere is a site administrated by Dyu, as I know him. The site has information about the current events in Pinoy Blogosphere, since all it’s member are Filipinos.

The site has a whooping PR5. it also caters different categories which range from Entertainment, SEO, Blogging , News and others, name it they have it.

Again Thanks to , BTW even I am a contributor of the site, I don’t have anything to do with the selection of Featured Blogger.

See what others are telling regarding my blogs under Citation Category.

To all new visitors that this new citation will bring you can check my archives for my past post which is already more than 500 Post. And I hope you enjoy it. and if you want to be updated from this site post about Blogging , Technology and SEO you might as well want to subscribe to my FREE RSS Feeds  and Subscribe to me via email

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