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Happy 10th Birthday Micaella

Today is a special day for my daughter Micaella , She is now celebrating her 10th year Birthday. So I would like to bless her thru this message of encouragement and love for her as her father.

To Micaella, I pray that you will succeed in your plans in your life, I know that you have lots of plans for your future just always remember that Your Mom and I are always here to help and support you to attain your goals. Continue to study hard and have fun while achieving your goals in life. May God bless you and continuously give you Wisdom.

And to my Son Kyle Dexter , Advance Happy Birthday, Don’t worry I will make a separate post for your birthday 🙂 .

Just want to let you know that I greeted her last year 2008 and I usually post my birthday remarks for my family in this blog.

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