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Increase Cash Flow by Blogging and Sharing Financial Literacy

I recently join IMG, International Marketing Group, a marketing company that aims to educate fellow Filipino in becoming a Family with Financial Security. As you know, I am having an additional income in blogging through different advertisers of my blog and I found through IMG seminar that I am on the right track of having a financial secured life.

IMG 6 Steps to Financial Security

In IMG, they teach 6 steps to Financial security as follows:

  1. Increase Cash Flow
  2. Manage Debt
  3. Creating Emergency Fund
  4. Ensure Proper Protection
  5. Build Long Term Savings
  6. Preserve your Estate

Blogging could increase your cash flow, but blogging is not easy as everyone think. Blogging needs proper study and marketing. A blog without visitors will surely not earn. Except if visitors could be converted to become customers.

I join IMG since I believe in company’s vision and mission. The group does not make income as their priority but they make sure that each individual who will join them understood the core vision and mission of the company. Member should practice what they preach.

IMG is a marketing company that is dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals and families from all walks of life. They also conduct FREE Financial Literacy Seminar to educate people on how to manage their money. In Philippines, members can get the full set of FREE seminars in the Head Office.

Now it is part of my advocacy to teach Offline friends, social media friends, relatives, family, blog readers and all other who will happen to visit my blog to become Financially Literate.

I believe that IMG shares the same vision as mine. Earning from this company is just 2nd thing, what is important is that we share information that could definitely change your financial life. It is now up to you to decide.

I also want to share my new facebook page ( ) I would be glad if you could like my page.

To know more about IMG and the reason why I join the company check my other blog : IMG (International Marketing Group) Review

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