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How to Purchase from Ebay and Delivered in Saudi Arabia ?

Well the title of this post only reminds me of the question I am asking myself always for years, But last week I decided to order from ebay global and ask the seller to deliver it to Riyadh Saudi Arabia. This is my first time to order from e-bay and delivered to Saudi Arabia. I have actually ordered a used Canon EF USM 3.5/4.5 28-105mm EOS Zoom Lens-No Reserve as shown below . The price is in a range where I cannot get the same lens for the same price.

I have been informed by the seller that the package is now on it’s way to Saudi Arabia. Payment has been made thru PayPal. He told me that the package should arrive within 3 to 4 weeks if there will be no problem from the Saudi Arabia customs. The Canon Camera Lens was shipped from Switzerland via Swiss Post , I just hope that everything goes fine so that I could receive the product in a very good condition. I also don’t know if it will not have problem with Saudi Arabia Custom. I call this as Ebay to KSA Experiment. I know that there are service called MyUs but I have to pay more for the delivery charge.

So after 1 month, Readers will be able to know if I receive the package or not. I hope and Pray that everything goes fine 🙂 So just want to know if there are readers who already both something from ebay. May we know your experience ?

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