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How to Purchase from Ebay and Delivered in Saudi Arabia ?

Well the title of this post only reminds me of the question I am asking myself always for years, But last week I decided to order from ebay global and ask the seller to deliver it to Riyadh Saudi Arabia. This is my first time to order from e-bay and delivered to Saudi Arabia. I have actually ordered a used Canon EF USM 3.5/4.5 28-105mm EOS Zoom Lens-No Reserve as shown below . The price is in a range where I cannot get the same lens for the same price.

I have been informed by the seller that the package is now on itâ€s way to Saudi Arabia. Payment has been made thru PayPal. He told me that the package should arrive within 3 to 4 weeks if there will be no problem from the Saudi Arabia customs. The Canon Camera Lens was shipped from Switzerland via Swiss Post , I just hope that everything goes fine so that I could receive the product in a very good condition. I also donâ€t know if it will not have problem with Saudi Arabia Custom. I call this as Ebay to KSA Experiment. I know that there are service called MyUs but I have to pay more for the delivery charge.

So after 1 month, Readers will be able to know if I receive the package or not. I hope and Pray that everything goes fine 🙂 So just want to know if there are readers who already both something from ebay. May we know your experience ?

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