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Domain Name is Just Like Real State So Invest Now

I believe that domain name is just like a real state, In real state people buy new lands for future house while in the net geeks buy domain name for future website. If you have not made any investment in domain name, I would suggest you get it now. Time pass by and lots of internet users are already thinking of having an investment in the net. It will only cost you $7.49 in

Here are some suggestion on what domain name you can invest for future use.

  1. Your Name dot com
  2. Your Province dot com
  3. Your Town Name dot com
  4. Your Family name dot com
  5. Your School Name dot com
  6. Your favorite food dot com
  7. Your favorite animal dot com

and if this dot com is already used check my suggestion on how to get a good domain name. It is now or never. By the way i just purchased my town name dot com [ ] and as for now it is redirected to The Best of Taal Batangas

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