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Office 365 , Cloud Computing From Microsoft

Office 365 has been announced today by Kurt DelBane, president of Microsoft’s office division, at a press event in San Francisco, Office 365 is a service where it will integrate cloud based syncing and accesibility to everyone worldwide. It is like a briefcase in the web. There are actually some big companies who are using this kind of technology but this is not available to all.

So long as a device supports ActiveSync, customers can access their e-mail, calendars, team websites and office web apps from anywhere. The inclusion of Lync also means that Office 365 has videoconferencing capabilities which is great.

At the moment I am only using the Dropbox to have a sync file everywhere I go.

Office 365 will elimnate the use of portable data storage where ever you go, since it will sync all the information ontime. I just don’t know how much will it cost to have this service. More info here

Updates :

There are two editions of Office 365. Office 365 for Small Businesses is designed for organizations of one to 25 people. It’s a pre-built package that includes Office Web Apps, Lync, e-mail sync and more. It doesn’t require IT support on the user’s end and will cost $6 per user per month.

The second version is Office 365 for Enterprises. Unlike the small business version, the enterprise edition can be customized based on an organization’s needs. It can be customized so different teams have different access levels to Office 365’s features. The enterprise edition comes with everything in the small business version, plus single sign-in, Office Pro Plus (via subscription), internal social networking tools, voicemail in the inbox, and more. It costs anywhere between $2 to $27 per user per month, depending on which features the company chooses to utilize.

I think will make another multi billion dollars for microsoft.

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