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BlackBerry Free App | WorldMate Live Travel Like a Pro

I would like to introduce a free application from Blackberry, named WorldMate Live Travel Like a Pro, it is design for those people who are always traveling. The application is available at BlackBerry App World.

WorldMate Live provides help to travelers during their business or holiday trips.A blackberry users will just have to send e-mail at their travel plans, WorldMate Live creates a travel itinerary on their BlackBerry smartphone and automatically syncs between BlackBerry smartphone and it’s personal web site.

During the trip, WorldMate Live guides travelers with important itinerary updates, maps and directions to  hotel and meetings, weather forecasts, helps with real-time currency conversions, and many more.

Two brand new features include:

This is great for busy people. Here in Saudi Arabia every time i ride in plane doing my business trip you can see almost 50% of the passengers are using BB.

Here are some application screen shots captured from the link above.

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