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Do You Want to Spy Other Site Keyword ?

Have you ask your self, How do those site earn from Passive Income ? and how do that site earn from SEO ? How do that site earn a lot from AdSense. What post is he hiding ?

Well answer to your question is here. I tried to do some spying and it seems that the site gives right result.

As a free account you could only have a maximum of up to 20 results. Well I believe it is enough, Oooppss if you tried my site it will give your results about Excel Tips and Microsoft Tips. Well it is one of my keywords. They don’t have that much of traffic but those are really targeted visitors.

BTW this is not a Paid review just helping out my readers to learn Keyword Research for SEO Purposes. So the next time you want to spy on other site keywords why don’t you try this Great SEO Tool for Free.

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