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Want free wi-fi for your Laptop ?

If you are now in Philippines and located near Makati business district, and areas mentioned below.There is now reason for you to be happy because I am getting connection via DSL with Fee.

Hot Spot Location 

  • Bel-Air Village, Brgy. Park, Makati City
  • LKG Tower Food Odyssey, Makati
  • National Library, Manila
  • PBCOM Tower – Food Patio, Makati
  • Power Plant Mall, Makati
          – Block 9
          – P1 – Concourse Level
          – R2 – Level 2
          – R3 – Level 3
  • Shakey’s Rada – Jaycem Bldg, Makati
  • There is new company that offers free wi-fi service . Although it is supported by Ads I believed it is not a problem since it is for free.

    What is annoying into this new service is you have to log in every hour.

    To get free Internet access, users need to download and install the WiGO toolbar at Once connected, the toolbar remains on the desktop and shows banner ads every 15 seconds or so. Users need to register a username and password on the WiGO site. The connection shuts down after an hour but users can log in again to continue surfing.

    It would be better if it could be a continuous service and I just hope that there will be no Spam connected with this new Technology.

    I just hope that they can immediately implement the Mobile Interface, so that our friends at the above mentioned location will be happy to use their Wi-Fi enabled mobile at Mobile enabled Site like here and this site

    Website [ Wigo Home Page ] and More Information [ Inquirer News ]

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