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Asus Fold/Unfold Notebook Concept Design to be launched this year

 Asus Fold/Unfold Notebook Concept Design

Asus Fold/Unfold is a computer notebook with a concept  that is at first inspired by origami philosophy. It is a notebook that folds from one piece and  is light,thin and simple like a an ordinary folder. Now they have come up with a better design.

When two persons are using two of this Asus/Unfold Notebook, they can share the same interface, meaning they can share the same monitor at the same time by bringing their computers near to each other. They have two options in doing this. One way is to  make their computers together back to back. Another is by opening the Asus Fold/Unfold notebook fully flat on the table  and placing their monitor on top of the other. They can share pictures, applications, messages, music, videos and many others with the flat sharing mode. More than 2 people having the same Asus Fold/Unfold can share the same application at the same time by using the Multi-user mode. Asus will be revealing their Asus Fold/Unfold notebook on the 3rd quarter of this year, 2009 this is according to Jerry Shen of Asus.

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