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Digital Picture Frame

Digital Picture Frame To all those old visitors from this site, they knew that I own EOS 400d Canon DLSR camera. But did you know that there is also a problem of having 10.1 Megapixel Camera? Well it is the storage. Each pictures will have an approximate of 4 MB size, My Laptop is already full of pictures 🙂 . I am still planning to get a 500 GB capacity external Hard disk but the problem is I cannot see it, That is why I have also stated checking for Digital Picture Frames which might also be available here in Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to Digital Picture Frame Reviews who promotes and reviews Digital Picture Frames and as of this post they have already reviewed about 15 Digital Picture Frames.

The site also give suggestion and comments which might help a searcher like me.

So does anyone has a Digital Picture Frame that you could recommend ?

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