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Eee Monitor is Seen in the Net

After leaked information that there will be Eee pc 904 and eee pc 905 will be released soon now there is a leaked information that Eee Monitor will also be released soon. There is not much details about this new Monitor but it is believed that this unit is a new all-in-one PC or a rip off of the iMac.

The pictures shows the beauty of the Monitor which is also rumored to have about 19 to 20 inches and has a webcam centered on top of the display. Below the screen are controls for adjusting the brightness and contrast. The right side of the display sports 2 USB ports and a card reader.

According to the following details might be seen in Eee Monitor

In addition to 4 USB ports, the back of the monitor is strangely equipped with two Ethernet ports, three audio ports, one for a mic, and 2 audio-outs. What we don’t see is a VGA or DVI port, making us wonder whether this is meant to be a monitor for an Eee PC or a self-contained all-in-one computer. If it’s meant to serve as a monitor, it must also double as a docking station, because otherwise there’s no reason to have Ethernet and audio ports.

The Denon logo on the bottom right of the display indicates that this potential all-in-one may have a built-in Denon amplifier and speaker system. If it is a standalone system, we suspect its CPU is none other than Intel Atom, but other than that we have no clue what’s inside.

The Eee Monitor has been rumored to have a built-in TV tuner and a starting price of $500.  Check other shot taken by laptop mag at their site provided in the link.


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