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FriendFeed has a New iPhone interface

FriendFeed is really expanding their reach, And they think that one way to reach other user who have iPhone is thru having a new iPhone interface, The iPhone Interface will be automatically activated when somebody who have iPhone visit their site.

We just launched a specialized iPhone interface for FriendFeed. When you visit in your iPhone browser, you will get the new interface automatically:

The FriendFeed iPhone interface looks a lot like the standard FriendFeed interface, but the font sizes, graphics, and forms have been tweaked to make it easier to use on the iPhone.

And to those without iPhone and want to visit their site thru their PDA you can always use, I cannot test this site but I think this is very useful to those techie guys who own iPhone. Based on their picture the site is cool and techie. If only it is affordable in Saudi Arabia I would buy one. But the price is multiplied to almost 3 times. Not a best option to buy when You are in Saudi Arabia.

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