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GPS trackers in your shoes?

Shoes with tracker

Would you be willing to wear this shoes with GPS trackers?

This shoes with GPS trackers are originally intended for the elderly who has Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a condition that involves short and long term memory loss. Usually the ones who experience this are those who are old. Often times they get lost easily.

The GPS shoe’s chip will allow parties to track the person online and receive real time updates as they are on the move.

So GTX Corporation and the shoe company Aetrex developed this technology to track elderly patients who have Alzheimer’s. This will be of great help to the relatives, caregivers and doctors of those who has Alzheimer’s. It might be released before 2010.

The shoe will retail between $200 and $300 and purchasers will have the option of setting up a boundary system.  For $20 a month, the caregiver can receive alerts if the patient leaves the designated area.


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