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HP Rolls Out 4 New All-In-One Desktop PCs | the Envy 20 and Envy 23, the SpectreONE and the HP Pavilion 20

As major industry players like Amazon and Apple roll out their Smartphones and tablets, HP is pushing the all-in-one PC. The company announced Monday that they are launching four of these PCs, namely: the Envy 20 and Envy 23, the SpectreONE and the HP Pavilion 20. These four PCs are designed to work with Windows 8.

The all-in-one PCs are craftily positioned as entertainment devices, a strategy adopted by HP to protect the price points of the new products. They also target consumers who are fond of carrying the smallest laptops or tablets as the AOI PCs allow consumers to have a bigger screen and more power readily without having to carry something larger and heavier.

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According to HP’s spokesperson, Ann Finnie, their all-in-ones provide consumers with additional power and multi-media features that were previously only available through a two-piece computing device. HP is offering a variety of screen sizes with premium features which may well account for 27% of all desktop sales by 2015, a projection reached by leading analysts of the industry.The Envy 20 and 23 work on the latest Intel processors and provides up to 3TB of storage. They both have 10-point multi-touch screens. The SpectreONE has a 23.6-inch HD display and comes with a wireless track pad and a multi-touch screen. The Pavilion 20 is a lesser priced AIO which features HP TrueVision HD webcam, HP Connected Photo and HP Connected Music just the other three models.

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