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I finally got my DSL connection via STC

About two weeks ago I applied for an ADSL connection for my house and just found out by calling STC today ( a local telephone company ) that they connected my DSL connection in my phone box yesterday. Well I need to check it out this evening. I am blessed since I get for a free connection.

The fee that I have to pay as follows :

  1. Monthly Payment for DSL Used of about SR 100 ( US$ 26.66)
  2. A DSL Modem SR 289 ( US$ 77 )
  3. Monthly Prepaid Card worth SR 80 ( US$ 21.33 )

I applied for 256 Kbps connection. I will go to the Computer shop this evening to buy the Modem ( Linksys Wireless-G ADSL Home gateway ). I just hope I can fix it well :). I will let you know If I configure it well so that I can use my laptop and my Imate PDAL thru Wi-fi. By the way I am using my last month AdSense income to buy this gadgets.

So I must have a US$ 50 from adSense to compensate my Connection fee. 🙂 I believed I have already more than that every month.

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