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Is LG Set to Unveil the OPTIMUS G on Semptember 19?

Now that Apple has caught the eye of the world through its recent unveiling of the Apple iPhone 5, LG is trying to grab some attention to it by sending out invites to a joint event it is having with Qualcomm on September 19. The Korean handset maker is reportedly going to be unveiling its latest smartphone, the Optimus G.

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Reports have it that the new smartphone that will be unveiled at the event will be called LG Optimus G and it is being touted as the company’s first LTE smartphone that will come equipped with a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor. Thus, according to sources, LG’s latest smartphone offer is expected to deliver a “superior mobile experience for voice, web browsing, games, user interfaces and other graphics applications,” this according to Anandtech.

The Optimus G is equipped with a 13 MP camera and the company claims that it will feature the best camera module among those in its class. A promotional video launched by LG shows features of their latest smartphone to include such features as smart shutter and voice-activated shooting and time machine camera. In fact, the latest handset has already made its commercial debut in Korea as we speak. It is expected to be launched commercially to the rest of the world via its stateside debut at the event to be held on September 19.

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