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January 8-11 – International CES Day

January 8-11 – International CES Day

Did you know that there will be International CED on January 8-11, Well if you are a Tech Enthusiast you should know this because this is where the major company are launching their products and Strategy for the year.

They are telling that you can explore product offerings from 2,700 consumer technology companies and boost your own business. There are also lots of giveaways on site. So good for you if you are near the place, as for me I  am very far so I will just check out the latest information in my feeds.

It will surely be a busy Tech Blog this week since you can see lots of Feeds floating around the net regarding the latest information that is revealed in the CES.

So If you are a blogger and you are planning to go there . Check this one.

So to all my readers, You can expect more feeds coming the following days to cover some Tech Gadgets that will fall in my interest.\

I will be getting my future stories thru this :

Many Ways to Find the Perfect Story

So enjoy this week full of technology and Gadgets. Always check my CES Tag and my other Site >> Anything Tech

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