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LG has introduced Advanced IPS (In-Panel-Switching) the kneading board

It always been my longing to have a big screen LCD TV. and here is the latest one from LG.

Source : Engadget

LG has introduced a new technology called Advanced IPS (In-Panel-Switching) the kneading board, This gives a new edge in television that give a more clear changes with liquid crystal molecular arrangement. They said that it is the newest manufacture technology and makes the liquid crystal picture be clear.

They have also further made it clear that this new technology uses as follows :

    1. IPS uses the parallel molecular arrangement structure, not only speeds up the reaction rate, presents the real fresh color, the lifelike clear dynamic picture can provide the consumer ” the not remnant shade” the vision enjoys.
    2. In addition, as a result of IPS kneading board splendid angle of view performance, regardless of or the side watches from the frontage, the wide angle of view characteristic not only can let the picture color not distorted, has the superiority in the material cost and the power consumption aspect.
    3. Moreover compares with the soft type kneading board, the hard kneading board guards against the attrition, guards against blows the wound, the picture stably is more durable. Specially suitably has child’s family use.

You can see more comparison for this new technology introduce by LG in here

It would be great if those TV will be installed with great furniture which will serve as an Entertainment Center at your house which could be available at different stores such as Home Entertainment Center store.

How I wish I could one of those big TV in the future. That is if my entrepreneurship will be a success 🙂 with God’s permission.

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