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Lightest Blu-ray Disc Notebook from SONY VAIO

Lightest Blu-ray Disc Notebook from SONY VAIOIf you are waiting for a Blue-RAy Disc Enable laptop well The lightest  Lightest Blu-ray Disc Notebook is here. It is none other than the VAIO® TT Series notebook. The VAIO TT Series notebook brags their 2.87 pounds and is less than 1-inch thin. This is my first time to post laptop with Blu Ray Technology.

Here are the specification :

My Wife’s VAIO is great and I know this will also be a great Laptop. But the price seems to be high for everyone’s budget. I think at this moment buying a Blu-ray Disc Notebook is still not necessary since not all place have Blue Ray Disc, But time will come that it will be a necessity to have a Blu-Ray enabled disc reader, same like CD and DVD before. But for now I will go for DVD for price reason. Well it is still up to the buyer.


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