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Magic Wand Remote for TV

LG manufactured a motion-sensitive Magic Wand remote control for televisions. It works just like the Nintendo Wii control sticks. The volume of the television can be increased and decreased by rotating the wand stick and change channels by a flicking motion.

There are still option of using the four buttons on the wand remote, volume, channel, mute and home/select button.

Andrew Warner, marketing director for LG in Britain, said: "A lot of consumers find their remote controls bewildering, with far too many buttons. This is just a point and click device. It is very straightforward and we think it will appeal to many people."

Others say and think that the device will easily wear off. Harry Potter Remote control was introduced prior to this which resembles the boy wizardâ€s magic wand. But the difference is that the Harry Potterâ€s remote control has no button at all.


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