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MiniBook Launch

image A new mini laptop 7in machine costing under £200 will be launch in the market.

Here are the laptop specification

The miniBook: 7in display, 2GB storage and an SD card slot

Called the miniBook, it measures 222 x 165 x 30mm, weighs in at 650g and sports a 7in, 800 x 480 pixel display.

The PC’s based on an 32-bit CPU and has 128MB of DDR 2 memory. You’ll also get 2GB of NAND Flash storage capacity.

An integrated SD card slot is a nice feature, whilst the miniBook also has three USB ports. Linux comes pre-installed, which no doubt helps to keep the machine’s price down.

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g is supported, but buyer beware because UK supplier CNM – the machine’s assembled by an unspecified Chinese firm – has admitted that Wi-Fi connectivity can be dodgy.

There is only one problem that miniBooks have been experiencing issues connecting to certain wireless routers, or if connecting have not been able browse to the Internet due to an Invalid IP Address error

The miniBook is available online from Maplin and priced at £170 (€215/$330) – but only until 2 September, when the price will presumably increase.

It is great to see that laptops are becoming smaller and smaller. and becoming convenient to carry anywhere. I just hope that I can buy one when my online earnings permits it. But If I can afford to buy MAC Book Pro I will buy one.

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