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The New Features of Nintendo DSi XL

My Kids and nephew loves the Nintedo DS Lite that they bought before going to Philippines , and just today ( I know it’s late ), I found out that a new model of Nintendo DS has been released last week and it is called Nintendo DSi XL, New Features of  Nintendo DSi XL as follows

So here are the new features of Nintendo DSi XL :

  1. It comes with 3 free installed games + built-in software
  2. DSi XL boasts twin 4.2 inch screens — 93% larger than the DS Lite and a fair share bigger than the DSi. It also packs a standard stylus alongside a fat new stylus roughly the size of a pen
  3. You could play all previous games

I just don’t know if you still need to use R4 here in order to play down loadable games from Torrent. So do you see any other updates compared to Nintendo DS Lite .

R4 is used to play free nintendo dsi games downloaded in the Net.

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