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Nokia Lumia 900 Features and Specifications

We know that lots of readers are looking for information about Nokia Lumia 900, Today I will try to unveil the specifications as well as the features of the phone compared to others.

Nokia Lumia 900 is the Best CES 2012 winner.

Here are some highlights features as mentioned in site:

When compared to phone applications, Windows Phone will definitely be behind Android and Apple products. I own android phones and my wife owns iPhone 4s, but I cannot see the great feature of onboard navigation system in both phones. Good to know that Nokia Lumia 900 has an onboard navigation system and it’s free with the unit including maps.

If an android and apple users want to have some changes within their mobile phone, I believe trying out this phone will be a great decision.

What I also life about windows phones is their applicability to Microsoft Office files which every business men and professional are using in their office.

Nokia was a leader in smartphone until Android and Apple Product came to scenario. Now they are doing everything in order to gain the market. User nowadays looks the features and not only the price. There are lots of expensive phone where the market still buys not because of company marketing strategy but due to usefulness of those phone.

Imagine combining a laptop and a phone and we call it smartphones.

Nokia Lumia 900 Specifications:

Here are the specifications for Nokia Lumia 900 :

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