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Proposed Christmas Gift

Christmas season is already felt everywhere. Go to the mall and you can see different Christmas Gift as part of their offer. Well for techie people what would be the perfect Christmas Gift to offer? Let me share you what I have in mind.

If somebody would give me gift I would suggest them to give me as follows:

  1. WordPress T Shirt
  2. A New 12″ Lap Top ( I need a light one, for ease of travel 🙂 )
  3. Ipod with 8 Gb capacity
  4. An E-book reader
  5. A new PDA ( I like to replace my PDAL )
  6. A new Canon SLR Lens for my Canon EOS 400D Digital Camera
  7. LCD Television
  8. A new Domain Name and Hosting package for 5 Years

He he he.. I wonder who can give this gift ? Are you one one them ? He he he he he 🙂 . I just hope this is not too much to ask :). What about you do you have any wish list for your Christmas Gift.

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