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So it’s Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Pre-Order Starts on May 23 from Smart Communication

Based from the tweet published through the official twitter account of Smart Communication, Galaxy S3 will be available on pre order 10 days from now or May 23, 2012. It will be available under Smart Unli data and Smart All-in Plans. Check it out below.

There is no official announcement about the price of the unit. Here is the note that came from Smart representative through the post made by Yugatech yesterday.

The Samsung Galaxy S III will be available from Smart bundled with Unli Data Plans that all come with unlimited mobile Internet, plus free SMS and call minutes. The device will also be available under Smart’s All-In Plans. Pre-orders will be accepted starting May 23, 2012.

I believe that Galaxy S3 is really a great phone that could match iPhone 4s as per our previous blog, Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 900 and iPhone 4s. I hope to see the unit in action here in Saudi Arabia soon.

On the other hand Globe Telecom has also tweeted that Galaxy S3 will also be available soon:

The date and price is not mentioned in the tweet so stay tuned for further details about this great phone. You may check the updates through the use of this hash tags in twitter #SmarGalaxyS3 and #GlobeGalaxyS3

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