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Samsung’s First Solar-Powered Mobile Phone

Solar-Powered Phone Samsung showed its First Solar-Powered Mobile Phone at an industry show in Barcelona, Spain yesterday. The South Korean manufacturer placed their  "Blue Earth" phone on display in front of the crowds at Mobile World Congress, with industry insiders keen to see the mini solar panels located on the back of the phone.

The samsung blue earth is an innovative touchscreen device with a number of environment friendly features that are worth a closer look. A phone with a solar panel, large panel on the back. The casing is made from recycled water bottles. The blue earth does’nt just rely on solar power. There is also a charger with it. What makes it different from others is that if it is plugged in and not in use, then the power consumption drops to 0.03 watts which is a lot less than a traditional charger. This phone is light and has a high degree of recyclable materials.

"This type of device would be ideal for developing markets where workers have long hours and don’t have access to electricity," commented Nick Lane, chief researcher at consultancy Direct2 Mobile.

"It would also interest consumers with an eye on the ‘green’ aspects, or companies and their CSR (corporate social responsibility) programmes."

It will first be launched in Europe by the 2nd half of 2009 but the price range would be from mid to high range. A full charge taking 10-14 hours in the sun would offer about four hours of talk time. The phone can also be plugged in to charge, with the solar panels used to top up the battery to extend its power.

This will be very useful here in Riyadh at some point in time especially during hot seasons.  🙂

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