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Sectera Edge US President Elect Barack Obama Phone

Ever wonder what is President Elect Barack Obama Phone ,

Well despite the fact the it is very risky to have a mobile phone to one of the Top Leader of the world, President Barack Obama’s desire to keep on to his Mobile Phone still prevails. With the required security feature of the phone General Dynamics have design a Mobile Phone Blackberry Look Alike which they called Sectera Edge that will suit the requirement of the President.

The phone features dual secure and non-secure functions for almost every connection method of the phone. Meaning that the phone can communicate with other phones operating on secure channels and also phones operating on normal networks. Phone calls, texts, emails are all functional to communicate with any phone in the world.

And did you know how much this mobile cost ? It will cost the president of $3,500. The full feature of this mobile is unknown because of it’s security.

Source timtechs via Abe

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