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Sony to Bring Social Media on Watch with SmartWatch


Yes, Sony is taking the Twitter and Facebook on your wrist hand through the Smart Watch application. A new product line of Sony, that will cater some of the apps from your phone, such as messages, calls, music. And of course, the social network and more apps that Sony has in-store for easy download through Android Market.

Smart Watch is cool and totally flexible to use where ever you go or where ever you intend to attach it to objects: such as bags, pants or anything through a secure clips.

This watch has a 1.3-inch multi-touch OLED display (organic light-emitting diode). An OLED is the latest technology for screen superior display.

Well, it’s expected that this device has a lot of limitations. So Sony is going to release a software to meet those needs. It is called SDK (software development kit) for developers designed to create apps that is ideal to run the SmartWatch.

This device will run on Android Honeycomb, with Bluetooth 3.0, and protection for water splash and dust.

According to reports, SmartWatch will be priced at $149 on sale together with Xperia S later in the future. This is another competition to watch out for with Motorola’s own version of this device, the MOTOACTV.

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