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Sony Xperia S Now a Fast-charging and a Nano Coating

Sony Xperia S Now a Fast-charging and a Nano Coating

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Sony Xperia S is nonetheless intriguing when looking at the updated specifications. Imagine a fast-charging battery and a stain free body casing, users don’t have to look around anymore with these two features.

As reported in the news, this new type of battery technology is referred to as the fast-charging lithium polymer, capable of charging as short as ten minutes that can deliver a full hour phone usage.

Xperia S seems useful for emergency purposes but this doesn’t sounds impressive when there’s some requirement for the phone to function well. The battery has smaller connection which demand a reliable connection, aside from the higher current capacity involve compared to Lithum Ion types. Non-removable cell is must for this type of battery.

Xperia S also offers a clean feel handset while in use with "nano coating technology"casing, a kind of material with ultraviolet light activation to repel fingerprints, oils and other marks on the phone.

Sony Xperia S Specifications:

Xperia S is simply powerful with projected release this coming March.

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