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The New Apple Ipad

Apple Ipad is a 9.7 in thin (0.5 inch) and light (1.5 pounds) touchscreen tablet that lets you see pages either on portrait or landscape orientation. It has a vibrant color and sharp text. Obviously since this is a touchscreen you can use your finger by flicking or pinching to zoom in or out a photo. You can use the onscreen keyboard for typing. You can also use this Apple Ipad as digital picture frame, watching videos, listen to music with its powerful built-in speaker or Bluetooth wireless headphones. It has many features and applications included.

Its battery life is up to 10 hrs. iPad can play your content on TVs, projectors, and displays. This really fantastic with an introductory price of $499 to $829.

To learn more about this you can check on its video below.


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