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“The Orb” – A ring headset

The Orb â€œThe Orb” is a ring that turns into a bluetooth headset. You can actually wear the ring all day and once you hear a phone call you can remove it and turn the ring into an “S” shaped bluetooth. You can hang this securely on your ear. As you may notice from the picture, the device is not inserted inside the ear so it will make you feel comfortable. You may ask, “How can I hear clearly if the orb is not inserted inside my ear?” The answer is that the Orb uses a bone conduction technology. Bone conduction is a way of transmitting sound directly into the brain through touch.

The Orb has a flexible OLED that will display the caller information, calendar items, and voice-to-text information.

This is expected to be released in 2010 ad will cost $129 and the De Luxe edition is about $175. This will surely make a difference in the lives of married couples if wedding rings like this will also be available.


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