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Toshiba Unveils NB100 Netbook

Toshiba Unveils NB100 Netbook

I think this year is a year of Netbook, More and more netbook is being seen in the market. We have seen from ASUS, MSI, Acer and others. And Now the first ever Netbook from Toshiba the NB100 will be out this October in UK. I wonder when it will be released in Saudi Arabia.

So here are the the specification :

Atom CPU, 8.9" display


Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux

120GB hard drive space

WiFi and a webcam

Battery life is quoted at an alarmingly specific three hours and 47 minutes.

ethernet port

three USB ports. The USB ports are rather special, though.

They can still charge attached devices like mobile phones and media players when the netbook is in sleep mode. Toshiba call this "sleep-and-charge" functionality. Toshiba needs an originality biscuit.

The NB100 will come in a choice of three colors.

"Cosmic" black

"Bright" silver

"Champagne" gold.

The device weighs less than a kilo, and will be out in October. It’s only £260, which isn’t too bad for a device of this spec.

With this new netbook coming out in the market it makes me think to save my money first and wait for a better choice 🙂


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