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Unboxing Nokia E71 | Phone That Blogging Bought

I just get hold of my new Toy.. It’s Nokia E71. Well I must say that this is a Cellphone that Olympics bought. I got a good earning during Olympics for some of the keywords I have optimized. And my PDA was broken when I went in vacation in Manila last summer. So I decided to buy.

Here are some Unboxing pics. OOopps I am not a professional photographer. 🙂 . Pictures are taken by my Canon EOS400d Camera.

I have been using the phone for almost 2 weeks now. And I must say that this is the perfect phone for me. Although I have some hard time to find compatible 3rd Generation Symbian OS Application because most of the available downloads are not suitable for Third generation Symbian.

Here are some of the specification

Technical specifications



Display and 3D

Security features

Keys and input method

Colors and covers





Operating frequency

Data network

Local connectivity and synchronization

Call features



Web browsing

GPS and navigation




Music and audio playback

Voice and audio recording

Personalization: profiles, themes, ring tones

Ok.. Review to Follow Check my review after 1 year of usage : Nokia E71 Review

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