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1,130,000 Google+ Pages Indexed by Google

As of this writing there are about 1,130,000 Pages indexed pages by Google from, Google+ is now the apple of the eye in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) point of view. It is really important to know the proper strategy on how Google+ could give more visitors to blogs and business pages. I have noticed that spark index only some of the blog and news site. At first I though that it is inter related with Google News but I am wrong, since upon checking in spark it is available but nowhere to be found in Google News. Sad to say this blog can’t be found in both.

I believe it is some how connected with +1 button. Which is one of the reason why we need to put it on our site. I just have some problem with +1 button, I can’t enable it on this site. Need to find a way to do it.

Being crawled by Spark might be a big thing in SEO industry if Google+ succeed. Just want to share my idea by relating Google+ in driving visitors in our site. Which of course could lead to more income.

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