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Comparing Google Results from Different Data Center

Last few weeks after I had a Google penalty, my post was not indexed by Google for about a week, and this lead me to hunt ways on how i can check different SERP Results on Different Google Data Centers and How I will be able to find my keywords results in different Data Center. Thanks God I saw a site that could give me an answer. Below is sample of my search.

With the use of this SEO tool you can compare SERP results from different Google Sites or data Center. We all know that Google results is not the same in different locations since Google is also applying a Geo-Targeting, It means that your keywords will rank higher in those areas or country where lots of other site is linking to you. As an example Your local keyword applicable in Philippines might rank # 1 in but not in or

So you just have to proceed to this link >> Comparing Google ResultĀ 

You have to put your keywords search and then choose the language and your desired Data Center. Hope this site helps you to know your ranking in different Google Serp.

BTW I believed that Google has crawled and indexed my site again. I have been monitoring my site Indexing since last week and only yesterday that Google had indexed my site again. I believe that Effective linking with my old post help also and using some SEO Tips that I shared before.

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