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Google Fast Flip Review

Google is really an innovator, I could say that Google is an innovator because of their new feature in Google Labs called Google Fast Flip . It is changing the way we can see the fresh and Updated News in the web. I can say that Google Fast Flip is great tool and Make me feel as if I am reading magazine in the web. In My Humble Opinion I believe that it would be better to use this instead of  feed reader .  You can check their about page [ About Google Fast Flip ]  for further information about this product.

Remember when I told you that you can earn from posting current Events , I think the new Google fast Flip can help you a lot.

This will definitely help me to feed my other site 🙂  In The Current News ( It is New , In a sense that I am not giving much effort at that blog as of today 🙂 ), Below is the screen capture of the Google Fast Flip and it is really fast to Flip it.

Google Fast Flip

As an option they  have Recent, Most Viewed,  Recommended  and Headlines and then the next level shows Politics, Business, U.S., World, Sports,  Sci/Tech ,  Entertainment,   Health,   Opinion, and Travel. This might be available in your favorite site but having different site with different topic is great. I find it good hwo about you any insights disagreement etc.. Or maybe youhave other idea.. Well for me it would be bettr if the can make my feed reader look like this 🙂

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