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Google Helpouts: Getting Help from Real People in Real Time

Google has shown its matchless ability of making people lives easy in the world of web.  In just one click, everything you need is provided by Google. Though it has already been a legend in its search engine capabilities, Google does not stop its struggle for improvement. Indeed, this incomparable company’s goal is to give the best service to people.

Just recently, Google has shown off its newest surprise, called the Google Helpouts. The rationale behind this new service is helping the people with their inquiries in the most efficient way at their own convenience. Based on the tagline of Google, Helpouts is a new means of getting “real help from real people in real time.”

Google Helpouts is powered by those experts in different fields who engage in video-chat tutorial to give the best out of the service. Services embrace a wide range of topics categorized into Cooking, Art & Music, Computers & Electronics, Education & Careers, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Nutrition, Health, and Home & Garden. Unlike the usual searching of data in the internet, this service is very efficient because a higher understanding of the topic is assured to the people. In essence, Google Helpouts works in partnership with various companies such as Sephora, Weight Watchers and One Medical, adding to the credibility and competence of the service.

In Google Helpouts, you have the prerogative in choosing the expert instructor you like based on qualifications, availability, price, ratings and reviews. All that you need is a computer or mobile device, given that you have Google+ account, microphone and built-in or external webcam.

Providing you an assured assistance, Google Helpouts offers you its service for as low as 2$ per minute. Payments are done through Google Wallet. If the service does not meet your expectancies, Google guarantees you full money-back.

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