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Google is Creating Problem with SEO Blogs ?

I have seen some prominent SEO Site that is also having problem with Google indexing here and here, The screen capture shown below are shots taken today. Upon checking those Errors, I can say that they are not really having an error. Well I do not know what is happening in Google Indexing now a days but I can say that they are creating some problem with my site for already 10 days ever since I made a post about google drops bomb in my blog.

Below are the scree capture of my Site thru Google Webmaster’s Tool


The above screen capture says that Google last indexed my site last Sept 4, well in fact I can see some of my post being indexed by Google by doing the following method. My site start not to rank well on SERP starting Sept 6 and the Indexing of my blog stops at Sept 4. So is there are any connection with those errors ? Need to investigate more.

So I just hope that Google will fix their indexing soon. Let me know if some of you are also experiencing those problem or it is just an isolated case for SEO Blog.

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